Connect Microsoft to Other Enterprise Systems

FME supports several commonly used Microsoft products including SQL Server, Access, SharePoint, Azure services and Dynamics 365. Additionally, it supports a wide range of on-premises and cloud solutions like Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Google Sheets, Dropbox, many databases and basically any web service with an API. Using FME’s graphical user interface, create connections between systems that migrate, replicate and sync data, without writing any code.

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Convert & Transform Data

More than an application integration solution, FME supports hundreds of data formats - Excel, Access, JSON, XML - and has a library of over 500 tools for data manipulation. Split, merge, delete, add, rename columns, create pivots, calculate statistics, validate and rework data as part of the connection workflow so it fits the required data model.

Is Your Format Supported?

Leading the market in spatial data transformation, FME offers a wide range of format support including the SQL Server Spatial data model and common GIS, CAD, BIM, 3D, raster and point cloud formats. Additionally, it has a library of tools designed for manipulating geometry and coordinate reprojection.

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Automate Integrations

Whether you’re transforming data or connecting applications, FME offers time and error-saving automation features. From workflows that convert, manipulate and integrate data hands-free, to scheduling and real-time event process capabilities, automate integrations to your desired level and ensure systems are in sync and data integrity is preserved.

Microsoft SQL Server Integration

Automatically migrate data between SQL Server database systems and practically any other format or application, manipulating data as required to fit different schemas.

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Microsoft Azure SQL Database Integration

Connect Azure’s cloud-hosted version of SQL Server to other applications across the enterprise using FME to migrate data and ensure systems are in sync.

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Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Integration

Through FME’s enhanced support for reading, writing and manipulating JSON, create workflows that move data between Azure Cosmos DB’s NoSQL database and practically any other format or application.

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Microsoft Azure Table Storage Integration

Through FME’s native support for Azure Table Storage, create workflows that move data between this key-value NoSQL database and hundreds of other formats and systems.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

Integrate FME workflows with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and connect it to a wide range of enterprise applications to sync data across systems.

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Microsoft SharePoint Integration

Move data between SharePoint Lists and Libraries and other formats and applications applications.

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Microsoft Excel Integration

Use FME to prepare and integrate Excel data in an automated way that protects its integrity.

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Microsoft Access Integration

Convert, transform and migrate data between Microsoft Access and hundreds of other formats and applications.

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